Strictly Dumpling’s Mike Chen and INSIDER’s Herrine Ro visit Wah Fung No 1 Fast Food in New York City’s Chinatown. Mike, like many New Yorkers, believes this restaurant is the best cheap eat in the neighborhood. The two order a few dishes and rank which is their favorite.

For more on Wah Fung, watch Mike Chen’s video: Featuring: Herrine Ro (

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Best Cheap Eat In NYC’s Chinatown With Strictly Dumpling | Legendary Eats


42 thoughts on “Best Cheap Eat In NYC's Chinatown With Strictly Dumpling | Legendary Eats”

  1. A red coloured chashao is usually a sign of cheap and low quality chashao. Usually there should be some burned, darker tone is some area or caramelized skin. At least from my personal experience. However I do enjoy those. They might be low quality but their taste is consistent and delicious

    Edit: when I mean red I don't mean chashao shouldn't be red. I mean specifically that color showed in this video.

  2. Whenever I'm in Manhattan I come here I'm from Bensonhurst I love this place can't beat the place for taste or for the price I just get char siu with rice no veggies and duck and rice no veggies 😋

  3. The Chinese greens they serve is napa cabbage, the same veg used in kimchi. The guy who roasts the pig has to start at 5 am to make the prep for lunch service. When they sell it at $5 bucks, they're giving it away cheap. From what I can see, it's a high quality product. Mikey said so.

  4. This is making me extremely hungry to go down to Chinatown to get some Roasted Honey Pork Rice rn 😋🤤 and Ima try to convince my parents to buy this instead of the ones in traditional Chinese restaurants

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