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Mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine is spicing up the palate in Tokyo, where more restaurants are serving authentic dishes from China’s southwestern province. The cuisine is popular worldwide for its signature spiciness derived from Sichuan peppercorns. More restaurants in the Japanese capital are now including traditional Chinese dishes in their menu, with some even bringing in specialist Chinese chefs and importing seasoning from China, much to the delight of Tokyo’s foodies.

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36 thoughts on “Authentic Sichuan cuisine from China makes its way to Tokyo’s food scene”

  1. Absolutely love Sichuan Cuisine. I'm so happy it's getting recognition globally. It is unlike anything else I've ever had. Not just the spiciness and the numbing, tingling sensation from the peppercorn but, the combinations of flavors like in "Strange flavor chicken" and the cold dishes like "koushuiji", etc. A truly wonderful culinary experience!

  2. Ah yes, Sichuan mala soup. Taste like an extremely spicy herbal soup, and turns me into a rocket in the toilet at night or the next morning.

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