39 thoughts on “American restaurant vs Chinese #shorts”

  1. Disney ruined Star Wars new trilogy and the company itself didn't pay the actor Scarlett Johansson for her roll in that new action movie Black Widow.
    In 2005 my sister and I went on a vacation to Miami Florida and the hotel personnel was rude not polite and weren't friendly at all. the vacation was not relaxing either so terrible.
    a Nebisco Factory had these female employers waiting painfully in the longest line ever seen in a video.
    The Better Business Beauro assured me they could remove scams from the internet and didn't do it at all.
    ok folks we can allow ourselves to have bad service and business which doesn't care about anyone or speak out against poor service and wrong doings.
    seeing how polite the american restaurant and service is I believe many would choose this instead of that one dismissing the customer.
    and tips depend on how great service is shouldn't be forceful and reviews will always let others know how good or bad certain places are. because this club known as Satins Doll ripped off customers the service was terrible and got lots of bad reviews not good.

  2. I hate when restaurants do that, like damn, I came here so I must have something in mind so let me get my damn steak and be done with socializing.

  3. When I moved to Taiwan at the first time, I'm shocked how many restaurants worker/owner moved around and multitask yet they send the right, great foods to the tables.
    After a while, we usually just yell at each other, and don't forget to say please and thank you. That's very important, mostly to many people who help you or around you.

  4. Me, my dad, and his girlfriend will go to this Asian restaurant and the owner takes the orders, BUT HE DOESN'T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN. He memorized the shit and gives us the right orders every time, it's astonishing.

  5. broo this brings back memories of Hong Kong when I’d go yum cha with my grandparents or go to a cha chaan teng and the waitress would just shout the order or scribble something down in her notebook like I swear she’s not even writing our order she’s just scribbling lmfao

  6. There's nothing like being mildly harassed and shown utter disdain but your foods comes out piping hot and quick in a Chinese restaurant. Additional respect and efficiency when the bill is placed on the table seconds after your food was dropped off. I love Chinese restaurants.

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