Watch Daddy Lau teach us how to make Clams in Black Bean Sauce. It’s a surprisingly easy Cantonese seafood classic that you can make super quickly at home!


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00:00 – Soak clams
00:58 – Cut ingredients
02:50 – Prepare sauce
03:06 – Prepare slurry
03:20 – Drain clams
03:31 – What kind of clams to use?
04:09 – Cockles vs clams
04:27 – Parboil clams
08:01 – Stir-fry aromatics
08:40 – On clams & black bean sauce
09:07 – Add onions & bell peppers
09:33 – Add clams
10:19 – Add slurry
11:11 – Add final seasonings & plate



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Produced by Randy Lau, Grace Phan-Nguyen
Edited by Willard Chan, Nicole Cheng
Translation by Arlene Chiu, David Loh

Intro Flute Music – Performed by Daddy Lau
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49 thoughts on “🤤 How to Cook Clams: The Cantonese Way (豉汁炒蜆)”

  1. Tags of the sort " … for Dummies" are offensive and belittling. Maybe you should find another way?

  2. Gah, now I'm even more mad that my local Fri/Sat market's fishmonger that was excellent has quit… I cannot get any decent shellfish anymore at all, and this looks so good!

  3. Hello Mr thank you so much for the most amazing wonderful super delicious yummy incredible Recipe and thank you for your Beautiful video enjoy 🟦🟡🟡💟💟🩵🩵🩶🩶🩶♦️🩵💟💟💟🟦💕❣️💕💕💕💕💞💞🟦🟦🟦🟦🟩🟩🟩🟩💗💙💙🩷❤️❤️💜💜🟠🟠🟠🟠🟪💛🟧🟧🟠🟧🟧💓🧡🧡🟥🟥🧡🧡🧡🔴🟧💜❤️💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💜💚♥️♥️♥️♥️💚💗💗💞💕💙💙💙💙🩷🩷❣️💕💕🩶🩶🩶💕

  4. 請問我剩係得易潔鑊,適唔適合整呢味蜆?我怕整花個塗層……
    Can I still make this clam dish if I only have nonstick pots and pans? Will I damage the coating?🤔

  5. Вкусно , приготовлено, . Большое спасибо, что поделились.👍Delicious, cooked. Thank you very much for sharing.👍好吃,熟了。非常感谢您的分享。

  6. what brand is the spatula? I've been trying to find something similar to what they use stainless steel with the silicon tip and all 😫

  7. I cooked these clams when i got the chance. Learnt from restaurant, I would add more water to create more of the sauce, use little slurry not to make it gloopy as your dad said. Then separately u fried some chopped chinese doughnuts or char kwei, serve these 2 dishes together, the diners can soak the char kwei with the clam sauce and enjoy the flavours more

  8. 劉師父,你真係好好人,教我地煮餸多謝你👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  9. Might be worth it to steam the clams in a very minimal amount of water. Clams release tons of flavorful juice that you can incorporate into your sauce — especially cockles! That way, the juice won’t be diluted.

  10. Hi, we have pippies here in Oz, how can you get rid of the sand that may be inside flesh of the clam? Soaking in water sometime don’t make them spilt out the sand.

  11. I would steam the clams instead of blanching, because I wouldn't want to lose all that wonderful clam juice!

  12. Being western taught chef we was always told to put the onions in first then the chilly garlic ginger etc so it doesn't burn. So interesting learning different styles!

  13. Those are New Zealand cockles! Very good tasting! Hard to find outside of the west coast though😢 love it when you use more exotic seafood ❤❤❤

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