Today, World’s Oldest Chinatown StreetFood Tour – Binondo Chinatown Manila Philippines
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48 thoughts on “World's Oldest Chinatown StreetFood Tour – Manila Philippines”

  1. Yummy yummy 😋😋😋
    Wooowww your here in manila* Chinatown,, Ingat po kayo lagi & miss watching you guys,, Best Luck and Wish you well,,Keep the Love sir Tom Hondsome and simple Proud pinay Beauty,, best wifey of course 😍😍😍💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  2. That's a chinese style fresh lumpia, you have to put its sauce on it. It has cilantro pod dai MJ and Tom, and grounded oven-baked peanuts – that's how it is Tom, with sugar – it's Chinese fresh lumpia. Healthy! because it has lots of vegies.

  3. Mel & jean, Tom, Baba, in the Philippines, if you look at the season, from September to February is raining, season, Mel, tell baba, is nice in the Philippines, there is always, a variety of foods, in the restaurant, and they are always, open during the day, and nights?

  4. Thanks for this Binondo coverage guys👍. I'm planning on staying in a hotel in Binondo next month, so I can explore the area. But I think I will give Mr Bee Tin's store, because I was told the Cebuano word for snake 🐍 is "bee tin".😂

  5. On my way back to NYC 🇺🇸recently, I brought a number of different HOPIA, they’re all very good, but the Durian was interesting 🤔 enjoy you both 😊

  6. Hi,cute food rumble.The rain was because of typhoon comeing over weekend.Also whenever u go back,if pres signs new entry orders,it should be a lot easier to get in phills for tom.

  7. Wonderful food trip! Thanks for sharing! A super typhoon, Paeng, hit Ilocos Norte, the Bicol Region and parts of eastern Visayas yesterday 😢

  8. MelJean, that’s lumpiang sariwa. You definitely have to dip it in the peanut sauce which is usually homemade. For the filling, I put shrimp and ubod (coconut palm) and garbanzo beans. Healthy and yummy

  9. My partner and her mum make this. They drizzle the sauce and crushed cashews on it. Don't get the grainy sugar texture in their version. They are from iloilo City. Be good if you get a chance to visit there if you haven't already. Her mum has a restaurant Jackie's food treats. They'd make you so welcome like most Filipinos!

  10. There arfe China Towns eveywhere in the world! There are also America Towns everywhere in the world but we also call them military bases. Ba dum dum.

  11. MJ this was a good video and eating unusual foods looked interesting for a Texas guy like me.. Tom’s competitive nature not the best sometimes..🎃 patience, gentleness, kindness higher level ..

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