Today I went to NYC’s Brooklyn Chinatown as a clueless white guy and got food and chatted with locals in the rare Chinese dialect of Fuzhounese. They were totally stunned!!! This is Part 2 of our Fuzhounese adventure in NYC’s Brooklyn Chinatown of Sunset Park (8th Avenue).

It was a really fun prank and social experiment to see Chinese people’s reactions — both the waiters and the other patrons in Sunset Park were totally shocked! Then we walked around in the Chinese New Year parade and chatted with vendors and other people in Fuzhounese and Mandarin; their reactions were hilarious as well!

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Happy Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year!!!

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32 thoughts on “White Guy Gets Street Food in Rare Chinese Dialect, STUNS Locals”

  1. that first lady is literally the same as my mum. whenever we walk past another teenager who knows how to speak in hokkien/cantonese/teowchew, my mum would start giving me the side eye and would keep indirectly telling me that I was a disappointment💅

  2. Hey Xiaoma, I don’t know if you know this YouTuber, Ikenna he’s suffering from a disease 🦠 yet despite that is making this app for language learning like no other, yet he’s a relatively small YouTuber and a shout out would really help him

  3. So I wonder if Chinese people ever come to America to study English , and then go back to try and speak perfect English to Americans living in China???

  4. Do a video about the Welsh language please? I bet you can't do that one?

    Gwnewch YouTube am y Gymraeg plis dwi'n betio na allwch chi wneud yr un yna 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. i need to send this to my mom. She always said we come from a more obscure part of China and so the Chinese me and my brother know wouldn’t actually be useful in more urban parts of china but she never really specified where the dialect is but I do know our home town is Fuzhou so now I gotta check

  6. Lol remind me to my friend and his brother who's chinese and i asked to speak to me in chinese and he was like " bro ..i was born here i don't know lol "

  7. This is amazing! I was born in America and my parents forced me to speak Fuzhounese at home. However, it's unusual for most fuzhounese kids to know how to speak it, however, so that's probably why Tiffany only understands it but doesn't speak it.

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