45 thoughts on “When White People Eat At A Chinese Restaurant.. 🇨🇳”

  1. I do occasionally go with my Mom to Chinese restaurants and get separate dishes, but that's mainly because I'm allowed to bring both home and eat them for the next few days

  2. Perhaps could it be that the Asian culture shared these meals because, initially resources were scarce? I know alot of traditions start off like that not trying to be rude. Im not asian but I dont see how NOT sharing food is that comical

  3. Who cares. If they wanted it for themselves, they wanted it for themselves. They don’t have to follow traditions or customs. I wouldn’t tell you to wear a hijab and a burqa just because you’re eating Indian food.

  4. maybe explain to them before it gets to the table? you can’t just assume people from a different country/culture are going to instantly understand what to do.

  5. I saw this at a Thai restaurant before. 2 white guys ordered 2 orders of pad thai and they each ate from their own giant family-sized plates of pad thai

  6. I went to a white party once. Everyone brought their own beer/liquor but did not share their drinks with anyone. I brought my own drinks but pour everyone drinks so I can cheers with everyone. It was such a culture shock because Asians always share food/drinks. Go to an Asian parties yall, they always provide food and drinks! Sometimes you can even pack home leftovers!

  7. It’s called being raised by your family not everyone lives eats an does the same I’m pretty sure Chinese and etc like to share there food it’s polite and respectful I’m pretty sure lol

  8. As it says their white and Ak their not Chinese and probably don’t know how to eat the person recording should’ve have told them how to eat in a Chinese restaurant in advance so they don’t make a fool of them selves so the person recording also made a fool of themselves for not teaching them the proper way (I’m Dominican half Indian and Korean) and my family first told me how to eat in these types of restaurants so I can do it the proper way

  9. I may sound like a “karen” saying this but I really don’t care. It generally pisses me off how people post videos like this and act like white people are some sort of aliens coming to a new planet and being completely clueless as to what’s going on. It’s not just white people and it’s not every white person. It’s not my skin colors fault for not knowing your cultures “secrets” or “unspoken rules” instead of mocking these poor people just trying to eat their dinner how about you make a video explaining your culture. I can guarantee every black/Mexican/Hispanic/Cuban/Australian person will do the same exact thing if it was their first ever time at a Chinese restaurant.

  10. So true!! OMG! I’m white and my dad took me to a Chinese restaurant when I was younger and we saw allll these white folks eating 1 or 2 dishes apiece….they were so shocked when we could use chopsticks, and we shared dishes. And, I just finished 8 yrs working in a Chinese restaurant….soooo many folks did his! Only ones with Asian friends or have been introduced to sharing dishes know about it. Even funnier is when they don’t share dim sum!

  11. It’s not a joke, I’ve seen this in the UK, and among my western friends! It’s understandable if you consider that most western meals are stand alone and for individual (burger set, fish and chip, roast dinner, etc) so they apply the same approach to Chinese meals

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