NYC Chinatown food tour! This series will show you what to eat in Manhattan Chinatown, sharing a main course, dessert, and snacks to take home! Noodles, soup dumplings, buns…discover what to eat in Chinatown! Grab the New York foodie map:

Welcome to A Day in Chinatown! This is a new series, making the best out of this crazy year! Every episode will give you an idea of how to spend a day in Manhattan’s foodie heaven. We will enjoy the main course, grab some dessert, and take some savory or sweet treats home (because you can’t leave Chinatown empty-handed :))! These New York cheap eats with incredible flavors will make you fall in love! Subscribe and stay tuned for new episodes!

Chinatown restaurants we visited today include:
-A local Chinatown bakery! Not much about it online but it’s a small shop packed with Asian bakery goods like egg tarts, sesame rolls, hot dog buns, and more!
-Kopitiam, a fast-casual spot home to Nyonya cuisine. You can get Malaysian breakfast like kaya toast and classics like Nasi Lemak.
-Bambu serves Vietnamese desserts Che! Ingredients made fresh every day.
-Singapore Malaysian Beef Jerky with chewy Malaysian-style beef, pork & chicken jerky in different spice levels. They are SO addicting!

Looking for food suggestions in New York? I put all my favorite Asian restaurants and places to eat on a foodie map and it’s free! Grab it here:

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  1. Love you all, thanks for being here 😚. Happy holidays everyone!! 🎅🎄✨

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  2. John cameraman and cup of tj are so far the ultimate chaotic duo who takes whole 24 hrs to shoot coz their laughter and jokes fills most of the your puns and food as always looking delishass😅🤤

  3. I just love your amazing personality and the great energy you give off. As a first time viewer after seeing you in Sunnys channel ( The best ever food show) I was hooked i thought you was ever so funny. Keep up the brilliant content

  4. I just found your channel and subscribed!! You make my soul happy!!!!!!! Your videos are fun to watch and I feel more prepared for New York!! Looking forward to seeing all your videos!!! Cheers!!

  5. Does your camera man fly with you to all your locations .If so I guess he sits in the back of the plain because he needs to get points What is the back of the plain called to you We have 1 st class and then the the back.I have never seen a plane 1 st class like you get

  6. Malaysian checking in here 🙋‍♀️ Nasi Lemak mmmm 😋 anchovies is one of the MUST HAVE condiments for nasi lemak, besides the hard boiled egg, peanuts, cucumber & sambal.

  7. I just love your videos. The price for your baked item got me shocked…wow. But the dishes at the kopitiam were not looking good at all, especially the nasi lemak (rice, where is the sambal? It is so important and should not be served with such a tiny amount). Love ya, take care

  8. I’m a couple months pregnant and I’ve never craved so much food not even with my first pregnancy ugh let me get that one way ticket to New York 💕😂tj come along with me please

  9. TJ thanks for the great info we are visiting NYC for the first time in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to visit Chinatown NYC we love Chinatown SF. Keep rolling out the great the vids.

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