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29 thoughts on “DIM SUM DAY! • Cantonese Cuisine”

  1. Hi Nate, my name is MaryAnn I’ve been watching you for a few months now. I can see how kind,and sweet you are,taking care of your mother your a good son. Your thirty pound weight lost shows .I wish your mother,and you a very merry Christmas,and a Happy new year. I wish you,and your mother every blessing,and may all your dreams come true. God Bless💞💞

  2. Even if you are dieting and are staying away from carbs…the shu mai skin you could of eaten, as long as you eat them in moderation…the. ( black stuff ) you mentioned in the menudo 🤔…what does it look like??? It could be cloud ears or black fungi…that's what I think it could be 👍🤣🤣🤣

  3. Love you Nate but honestly it's a little off putting watching you eat the chicken feet and trying to get the bones out of your mouth. I wish you would have eaten your favorite which is the scallion and shrimp dumplings.

  4. That was really rude saying that you talk to much! I Love hearing about yours & Momma’s Day’s and how you explain the food. I just Love to hear you talking about anything. I watch & rewatch your videos because I Love watching Your Channel.

  5. Hi Nate- you’re looking really good🤩 Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!! Hope 2022 is full of nice surprises, good health, and fortune.✨🎄🌟

  6. BTW in that Dim Sum tripe stew…if the black stuff you are talking about…is square, black &'s usually pork blood cubes. I'm Chinese and I personally don't like it either..give me tripe any day! 😋 I never liked the taste of blood…

  7. Hi,nate and mama first of all love you both,
    I never had chicken feet.r they fatty or meaty I just can't get my self to try them…
    Stay safe and strong and healthy ❤

  8. I didn’t catch your live today but I made sure I watched every minute of it, liked it and commented and also watch through any ads 🤪 I love how you say everything is your “favorite” I’m the same way 🤣

  9. Good evening, Nate much love to you and Mama Dove! Thinking about coming to Arizona next year!

    Please name the best places to go and also to eat!

    Wishing you and Mama Dove a Happy Holiday, much love!

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