Have you guys ever heard of Shunde? Well, now you have! It’s one of China’s food capitals and even named as a UNESCO city of gastronomy. One of it’s most famous dishes is ‘stir fried milk’ – I was intrigued to try it!!!

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34 thoughts on “What is STIR FRIED MILK?? We go on a Cantonese food adventure”

  1. Shunde food is great.. which is very uniq even in china now… btw the food from the restruan u ate is very …. normal… or i should say not shunde at all.. but has the form of it .. (oridnary sydney chinese food i should say? )

  2. Would not recommend the Taste of Shunde restaurant in Eastwood though. The lady manager at the Eastwood branch is down right rude and abusive, customer service is horrible, overpriced food. I have not been to the other Taste of Shunde restaurant in Sydney so cannot comment

  3. Just to point out a tiny mistake: the picture you used for Yangzhou is actually a picture of Qinghuai River in Nanjing seen from the Confucius Temple there. I’m from Nanjing so I had to. 🤪

  4. Do you know when you have goose, you should try the goose leg ( goose drumstick) and make sure you ask for the left leg. Apparently the left leg is more tender than the right and it is more superior than the right.

  5. Thanks Amy for you and ur familys adventures you have helped me bridge the gap of chinese cuisine and also introduced me to many different types which i can find tbem in Sydney…… i do only know how to speak cantonese but not literate in chinese at all thank you again!!!!! btw ur parents are awesone!!!! my parents will not be as adventurous as urs trying in trying different cuisines!!!! they rock!!!

  6. I grew up eating Stir Fry Milk. My Gran was from Shunde. I’m going to attempt to cook it one day. Thank you for sharing about Shunde food.

  7. Thanks for showcasing this, yummy delicious roast goose (I think it is better than duck) from the Taste of Shunde. I had the roasted goose many times from that restaurant in Kogarah branch (such a hidden gem, small place), totally loving it. I had their fish dumplings n fried lotus root vege dish, heavenly! Like your enthusiasm, Amy!

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