Watch this video about 16 Chinese chain restaurants and which one is the best!

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Manchu Wok | 00:00
Asian Chao | 00:50
City Wok | 1:24
Chowking | 2:08
Pick Up Stix | 2:57
HuHot Mongolian Grill | 3:34
Mama Fu’s | 4:20
Leeann Chin | 5:06
Mark Pi’s | 5:45
Din Tai Fung | 6:18
Pei Wei Asian Kitchen | 6:51
Chinese Gourmet Express | 7:30
bd’s Mongolian Grill | 7:59
P.F. Chang’s | 8:30
Mr. Chow | 9:14
Panda Express | 9:51

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21 thoughts on “We Tried 16 Chinese Chain Restaurants. Here's The Best One”

  1. Panda Express authentic? Orange chicken is an American invention. Many other dishes have been Westernized to suit the American palate.

  2. PF Chang's China Bisto is neither Chinese nor a bistro. As the narrator states, Chang's is overwhelmingly Americanized. A true bistro is a small family-owned restaurant serving a few simple inexpensive dishes, no pretentions; Chang's is over-the-top with too many faux Chinese decorations, super pretentious, and overpriced. It's perfect for the yuppie crowd. However, having said that, food is good.

  3. Hilarious. The only reason PF Chang’s isn’t #1 is because the food is Americanized and yet you put Panda Express at #1 despite it being Americanized. Isn’t every Chinese restaurant on this list Americanized?

  4. I was flummoxed that Panda Express came out #1 here. I was on a visit with several friends and we ordered from Panda Express. It was without question the worst Chinese food experience we ever had. The taste was terrible. Most of us had to set aside what we ordered after we got it home and ate some other leftovers instead, it was that bad. I don't think I can trust another Mashed video ranking food at this point.

  5. I don’t know if Panda Express should be called “authentic Chinese food”, but it’s so freaking good that I really don’t care. No surprise they’re #1

  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Panda Express should be number 15. If you read any online stories about restaurants you will find out how disgusting their kitchen processes are. Panda Express is the Equivalent of ordering a tuna sub at Subway. Y’all, seriously! So Panda Express must have sponsored this video, you have lost all credibility with me.

  7. I live in rome , new york, pizza joints are everywhere, though we have some Chinese restaurants and they're pretty good , the nearest Chinese chain restaurants are in syracuse I had heard about panda express, good and bad , I liked it , tasty fresh food , big portions served quickly and a fair price , Las Vegas also had some great Chinese food in the casinos

  8. Panda Express food is so forgettable, that I'm not even sure who came up with this list? It's not horrendous but it's not good either.

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