I take a walk through the streets of Manhattan’s Chinatown and make my way over to the newly opened 98 Mott Street Food Court. There are many things that have changed in Chinatown, and new restaurants and stores have sprouted up where places were vacant before. At the food court, I also review some food at drinks from Kwan Pizza & Burger, Zhen Pin Cafe, and Domo Sushi.

Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/GF3eTyucE5f2tNJu7

Recorded January 5, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Walking NYC Chinatown & 98 Mott Street Food Court Review (January 5, 2022)”

  1. The special treat is you included 3 food reviews! 🤩 Thank you for sharing the relaxing walk in Chinatown and the food reviews, AK! 🤗

  2. I really appreciate the guided tour. The lobster burger is a bit pricey and the food court doesn't seem to attract a lot of diners.

  3. Great and interesting video about the Chinese restaurants and Asian food in NYC Manhattan Chinatown.I enjoyed walking with your food tour and especially inside the Mott Street Eatery where you ate so big a special burger and all that delicious sushi.Keep up the good filming and the video clips.Thanks alot!

  4. China town is such a wonderful place also is little Italy. I've been there, walked some of both of their streets. It doesn't feel like you are in Manhattan when you walk through those places. Everything is so different and nice, it feels like you are in another country. Excellent video Action Kid!! 👍

  5. Back 8n the 1970's I bought my electronic Engineer projects on Canal Streets. The Collect Pond was located in the Middle of the Civic Center. Most of it in the Park Area

  6. AK. On Canal Street and Centre Street South next to the Convience Shop back in 1973 there was an Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food. But unfortunately it burnt down that year

  7. AK Where TD Bank of the Bowery nort there was a block of Diamond Stores in the 1960 to 1980's. Most of them did move up to 47 street the Diamond District. Which is call Little Brasil. I notice that the Cantonese Population Commercial business move north of Canal Street. Back in 1963 South of Canal Street people spoke Toisanese and Cantonese.

  8. I grew up in Chinatown and thanks for the tour. I'm glead that you are a foodie and finally sitting to rest your feet..lol The video of your meals were delicious. Happy feet happy walk. Thank you

  9. Wow, did you have the sushi dinner after that big burger? You must have a big appetite! It’s weird to see you eating sushi and at the same time staring at the camera so close to your mouth 😀 Will definitely try that sushi place this coming spring and be hungry first so the $70 will be worth on a special but casual occasion. I don’t know if I can spend the whole day in Chinatown eating all 3 meals with desserts without getting bloated

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