Here’s a typical homestyle Chinese dinner I cook for my family. A simple, satisfying and delicious balance of flavours and textures. Enjoy!

Recipe Shortcuts!
0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Rice in the Instant Pot
5:57 – Ginger Onion Beef Stir Fry
12:09 – Grandma’s Chicken Paper Pockets
17:18 – 3 Classic Chinese Greens

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29 thoughts on “This is How I Cook a Classic Cantonese Meal with Rice – 4 Simple Recipes”

  1. hi, just some constructive feedback…your channel is great… but your casting the net too wide in terms of cuisine… this is just an example by the way….irish beef stew as e.g. no one is here for irish beef stew and if they are, they are in the wrong place (i am irish, i can say this because I know), focus in our your core skills and why people here….

  2. Where are you filing this? Doesn’t look like a traditional kitchen. And…..are you Canadian? I detect an accent when you say some words. And…….I’ve tried your recipes and I lovelovelove them. Absolutely scrumptious! Thank you

  3. I'm a decent chinese cook and I love that you give in depth instructions and explanations on how to's and kudos to Dude for the excellent videography work showing all the details. I was raised in a traditional Cantonese household where even though there were 6 kids, either my sister and I or only myself were doing all the prep work. Mom never really taught us to cook. Our jobs were to prep and clean up. Watching you brings back fond memories of mom's excellent cooking.
    You are my new YouTube binge watch.

  4. Love this. I wish you would show some more Chinese veg. Going to Asian store there so many and I would love to know what they are and how to cook it. Thank you for sharing

  5. Flo, guess what !!!!
    I was successful with the rice !!!!! 🍚
    WoW, happy days for someone that freq. makes mistakes !!! Followed your marinade directions, the chicken has been in the freezer for 3 days.
    Thank you, for your great teaching !
    PSALM 37

  6. I have a question about Shao Xing cooking wine. Can it be found in a liquor store or do you use Shao Xing wine from the grocery store? Which kind do you use?

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