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Yung Sun
Shui Mei
Happy Garden
Shu Jiao
Super Taste

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30 thoughts on “The RARE Chinese Restaurants HIDDEN In NYC | Fung Bros”

  1. Thank you, for doing the video on Fujianese food in Chinatown NY. I missed eating fish balls and other Fujianese food. Including my mom's cooking of Fujianese food. I used to live in NY, but I live in LA now. I can't find any Fujianese food in the LA or 626 area. Is there any current Fujianese food here in LA or 626 area available? Thanks.

  2. But In china, its scary to eat outside. Maybe its being friend in the recycle oil or from gutter oil. Eewwwsss .. Typical chinese greed 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Fujian food is the most disgusting food in out of China, they literally can not represent Chinese food!! Trust me, I live in China over 20 years, all the fujian restaurants in the US are dirty, poor and badly flavored. DO NOT trust what here they say, if you wanna try fujian food, go and have a try, you won’t wanna eat it anymore in your whole life. And fujianese only just hangout and get married within their own, any other part of Chinese all dislike to make friends with them!! Seriously, believe or not, it is TRUE!!!

  4. Fujian has got really good food varieties . The oyster pancake in fujian is also a popular dish. Pork feet is very common as well. Fish balls comes in various size and flavour. A list of new trends of restaurants in fujian is amazing as well. Definitely underrated

  5. I've never seen a Fujianese fancy restaurant EVER in North America. If you classify it as such, its hard to get other people to come into the restaurant. Food very "small eats" as Mandarin speakers would say. Fujians are the first chinese to come into North America, Malaysia, singapore etc etc., but not well represented food culture. Fook-chow food is closer to Taiwan and Korean Food which is the 2 closest asian cultures to Fujian province. The language have some similarities. Ka-jia and Koreans words, Numbers is same. A lot, of Thai words is also same.

  6. My family's roots, my grandparents are from Xiamen, I grew up in the Philippines but I'm now working in Beijing. Great videos, there are more than a hundred thousand of delicious Chinese dishes unknown to the world, thanks for showing these foods.

  7. Most folks may not know this but a large portion of American Chinese food spots that sell you typical chicken wing fried rice / general tso chicken and more are run by FJ people.

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