See more details from my video here Ever wonder what is Hokkien food? Hokkien food is not just only in Fujian China but also taiwan, Penang Malaysia , Indonesia,philliphines and even in Burma.

The invention of different hokkien food varies in different countries and are invented due to the fusion of different culture and living in another country for a long period of time. Thus, creating a new.version of which might not be available in Taiwan or Fujian, china which are the origin.and majority of the hokkien communities.
Do support by sharing this hokkien video as an awareness to those young ones out there whom might have forgotten their chinese origin roots and language.
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Hokkien language one of the chinese mandarin dialect is known as one of the dying language in this world and since i have hokkien heritage, here are some of the hokkien words i use daily life especially numbers. Nevertheless, this is not my mother tongue so i might get confused with certain terms as in Malaysia, the north and southern hokkien sounds a bit different as well as to the others from other countries too. Yet, Hokkien language of different clans can still be understood among each other rather than other chinese dialects such as cantonese. So if you ever speak Hokkien, do pass on this language heritage to your young ones and keep speaking it as it is important to remember our roots and be proud of our hokkien language !

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35 thoughts on “The Hokkien Food 福建美食”

  1. Bah kut teh is actually pronounced as Bah Kut Tng which means soup. My ancestors are from Gulangyue but I was born and raised in Manila therefore I speak fluent Hokien but I am illiterate in Chinese.

  2. Great introduction of the hokkien cuisine .
    Singapore local cuisines does include the hokkien cuisine as teochew cuisine which are quite similar to hokkien flavour a d depends on the chef that are cooking these cuisines.
    Hokkien cuisine cooking style are more flavourful then Teochew cuisine.

  3. Hey, there's this channel called aiong taigi. He teaches POJ really well, if you think your hokkien is crappy, i think you should subscribe to his channel and watch his videos. It's much easier to preserve and revive our hokkien culture if it's language has standardized a writing system that every overseas hokkien people all over the world use.

  4. 25 years ago, Penang food was amazing. Sadly, Penang food is a big joke since then. The veterans have either retired or died…and passed their hawker business on to the children. The younger generation chose to use the short cut methods by hiring cheap foreign cooks which greatly affected the food quality.
    No…do NOT go to Penang to have great food. there are only a few stalls left there that are edible.

  5. I just miss my ah ma's lor bak.. My dad's too lazy to make it during cny ever since my ah ma passed away three years ago. Cause it's kinda troublesome but it tastes good like seriously…

  6. You've just earned yourself another subscriber ✌ the food sounds so interesting and i'd love to experience the culture one day. I'm Russian born, but my roots are 50% Central Asian 23% Russian 🙂

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