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26 thoughts on “Food Tour In China Town LDN”

  1. love from China…. London Chinatown is really like you are in China….. actually, In China, many young people, people in love, like to go to such places.. It always looks very prosperous, lively and full of life, in Changsha, Chengdu, Shanghai and Hong Kong….chinese love the food and atmosphere… If there were more Chinese here, it would be more lively and energetic. 😄 The Chinese characters on both sides of the memorial archway mean: prosperous China, the sun and the moon shine together, inherit the Millennium civilization, the world is peaceful, and the people of the world share peace and prosperity. 😊The design of the Dragon above is the design of the dragon in the Forbidden City, which was the palace where the ancient Chinese emperors worked and lived.. Therefore, this is a magnificent archway, representing the Chinese royal style ☺The color of the dragon in the Forbidden City and the Chinese characters are all gold. The dragon in this archway is gold, and the Chinese characters are also gold.. And the shape of the dragon is exactly the same as that of the Forbidden City.. And it's all on a blue background… Therefore, this is a very high-level and high-grade archway. In ancient China, only the Chinese emperor could use it.. Its builders are highly skilled and professional.. the highest grade archway in foreign countries.. I hope London Chinatown will develop better and better, and the friendship between the two peoples will deepen. 😄

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  3. You deserve so many more subs. You're one of my fav youtubers I would be devastated if you stopped. Also pleaseeee make more videos with papa booth hes the best!

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