Today we’re trying the best, cheapest, and most secret noodle spots in NYC Chinatown. I take you to enjoy noodles from all parts of China — we are going to enjoy true Cantonese chow mein, rice noodle rolls (cheung fen), peanut noodles from Fujian, Spicy Village’s famous hui mian noodles from Henan, Lanzhou beef noodles (Chinese ramen!), Yunnan rice noodles, and more! This is a food tour of some amazing Chinese food and restaurants and some true Chinese street food, so get down to Chinatown and check some of these places out for yourself!


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43 thoughts on “Tasting THE BEST Chinatown Noodles in NYC | Cheapest NYC Noodle Spots”

  1. Apart for exciment all I see is tons of carbohydrate foods, so tons of sugar and again sugar, no wonder that US citizens become so fat!

  2. Extra gluten 🤣 but agree about the whole gluten free … a lot of people go gluten free because they think it’s good but in reality if u have no problem digesting gluten u should not go gluten free cause you’re making your stomach muscles more lazy

  3. A true expert, a guide, an inspiration: you explain what your public doesn’t know with so much knowledge without ever being presumptuous. I look up to you as an example to continue learning about one of my favorite cuisines on earth. The variety of dishes and traditions according to different regions of this immense country…thank you for spreading the knowledge

  4. LMAO… you speak like a native Chinese but yet you do not know how to use a set of chopsticks. Great job, when I am able I will visit these places. That first soy sauce noodles and the rice noodle looks really good, how is it compared to the street cart, just wondering.

  5. @4:30 ish he says i love gluten give me more, americans are afraid of gluten lmao smh. Go look at a video of yours from 2019 and look at a 2021 one. That asian diet treating you well lol all those carbs and sugar. Different cultures and native people are more ancestrally adapted to certain foods just saying. love the vids and the food!

  6. As a New Yorker who LOVES noodles this video is super helpful. Definitely visiting these places. So glad I found your channel lol

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