Check me out on other platforms! — With Trevor James, AKA “The Food Ranger”! Great guy, great channel! We chow down on all kinds of ridiculous Chuan Cai, as the locals call the food here in Chengdu. This is real Sichuan food, and I love it! Check him out here:

Want a little Food Ranger BTS? A little Food Ranger behind the scenes? This is your chance! Hahaha

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Sichuan Food | Epic Chengdu Feast w/The Food Ranger! Food Ranger BTS


33 thoughts on “Sichuan Food | Epic Chengdu Feast w/The Food Ranger! Food Ranger BTS”

  1. That flavour you are talking about is just light soy+a bit of sugar+garlic paste+chilli oil. That combination somehow produces a refreshing, slightly sour clean taste. Sometimes I just combine these things to make a dipping for anything just boiled.

  2. 口水直流啊。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

  3. This looks amazing.. I've had both 麻婆豆腐 and 夫妻肺片at a Sichuan place I worked at.. and while it was supposedly authentic, I'm sure it's still not the same.  WANT!!! lol

  4. I'm sure someone mentioned this, but 大头菜 is pickle made by a special type of turnip. It's crunchy and salty, can be spicy, very tasty!! Miss all the pickles in China…

  5. What does (suimi) yacai/mustard greens taste like? I've read somewhere that brown mustard seeds are a good substitute for them. Is that true?

  6. I am Chinese, and I am so miss real Chinese food in China. I so jealous of you. Oh shit, I don't know why I get a little bit angry and hungry.

  7. Glad too see you guys enjoyed the food, although I'm a little surprised to see you actually like the 夫妻肺片. I thought Americans by and large don't like the "rubbery" and gummy texture of innards? 

  8. hey big guy~ when you plan go to henan province visit luoyang kaifeng and zhengzhou,shaolin temple yuntai mountain, that's my hometown and food are more awesome for sure

  9. I love how the mouth-guard on the cook moved as he talked. Reminds me of "Darth Malak" from Star Wars or perhaps "Crunch" from the Mighty Orbots. Yes I realize I just exposed what a geek I am…but thats cool. Great video and of course I would love to make a collaboration video with y'all.

  10. How wonderful and a view of the upper echelons of China's wonderful food.Please more ordinary every day cafes/restaurants and their wonderful food.In the mean time I will virtually gorge the food of China here at your fantastic videos.I loved the chefs accent just beautiful.

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