Hello Guys,

I went to Shaoxing the other day with my parents as a getaway. Shaoxing is a city in Zhejiang Province which is quite close to Shanghai.

The image I have for Shaoxing is only for it’s famous cuisine which is called 白斩鸡(sliced cold chicken) it’s a cuisine easily be found in any Shanghai or Zhejiang cuisine restaurants. There was a well-known chain restaurant called 小绍兴(Xiao Shaoxing) in Shanghai when I was a child, and I often went there with my family. Not sure if it’s still in business.

But anyway, this is my literally first time to be in Shaoxing, even though it’s only 3 hours away from Shanghai by car. I was so impressed by those Yangtze style watertowns there, they still looked like the ancient Chinese villages. The residents there are still having a simple and laidback lifestyle. It’s definitely worth visiting! The Zhejiang style cuisine is also one of my favorite Chinese cuisine.
You can never have bad taste foods in Zhejiang, Shaoxing.

Hope you enjoy my latest Vlog.

Stay tuned 😘


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