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Shanghai’s SPICIEST and BEST Chinese Food: Hunan Food FEAST in Shanghai China!!! (SUPER SPICY)

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Welcome to episode 3 of our China Street Food series. This will be the FINAL video from CHINA and we will be trying the SPICIEST CHINESE FOOD in Shanghai – Hunan food. While you may think that Sichuan food is the spiciest, because of the mouth numbing peppercorns, Huanese food is known to use straight chilies, fresh and dry, in many dishes! From cumin ribs, to smoked bacon, “mala” chicken and Hunnan fish, covered in yellow and red chillies and SPICY OIL, we will show you how spicy Chinese food can really be, and it’s found in Shanghai!

Restaurant address:

Di Shui Dong

56 Maoming South Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai, China

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48 thoughts on “NUCLEAR SPICY FOOD CHALLENGE in CHINA!! 🔥5X Spicy Chinese Food in Shanghai from Hunan🔥”

  1. Did both of you get sick? And if you did, what remedy did you take? If you didn't, lucky you. Were you both able to sleep? Next time, don't you think it would be pragmatic to eat hot, spicy food in the afternoon, and less spicy food at night?

  2. "Things are going to start watering soon from every orifice." Right on! that's awesome. She's so cute. Wait.. did you say 'Every orifice"? Excuse me… [[Blech}}

  3. Hi Guys, I realize that you are not Chinese, but I wanted to comment to let you know that whenever you are eating with Chinese company, never "flip a fish". Luke said "flip the fish" in this video (11:29) and automatically I was cringing (thinking…no! Don't do that!). It is considered rude table manners and represents bad luck (something along the lines of drowning or a boat capsizing). I am surprise other Chinese people haven't brought up this issue in the comments, or I've not yet seen. But it sounds like you are submerged in Chinese culture and food so I thought I'd let you know about this big no no. Here is one of many articles that explains this table etiquette. https://culinarylore.com/food-culture:chinese-table-manners-never-flip-over-a-whole-fish/

  4. In fact, the fish and the chili in the spicy chicken are not eaten. The chili is just a seasoning. Generally, the Chinese eat this fish by setting the chili aside. And eating spicy chicken is to find the way to eat chicken from peppers. It’s no wonder that you eat like that, and there are a lot of peppercorns in the spicy chicken. It’s hard to imagine you eating peppercorns directly…😱

  5. not a fan of these super spicy chinese dishes… it was originally invented to mask rancid low quality meats and seafood by numbing your mouth.

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