Today in our village, we cook traditional Chinese Hakka noodles recipe using colorful veggies. We first boiled the Hakka noodles in hot water and we cook it with veggies.

We eat the Hakka noodles at sunset time and the moment is more enjoyable!

The taste is Yummy!


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  1. Good.ithu name is
    mee hun /bihun.bcoz nigeh soaked the dried meehun.u can add koli,netilipudi egg.
    nxt time pls cook hokkien mee.(yellow fat mee)or laksa /curry mee.
    Pls buy fork or chopstick n eat.
    This is not rice.
    Ungeh ppl ipiditan kai leh sapringeh.fork saptu katukengeh.tq

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  3. जो भी ये comment देख रहे है भगवान उनको जीवन की सभी खुशियां दे दे 👏👏👏

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