What’s happening in this movie clip?
Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are attacked by alien creatures in a Chinese restaurant.

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What’s the movie about?
Agent J (Will Smith) travels back in time to stop a dangerous alien from assassinating Agent K (Josh Brolin).

Credits: © 2012 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Hemisphere – Culver Picture Partners, LLC. © 2012 Layout and Design Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Inc.

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41 thoughts on “Men In Black 3: Chinese restaurant fight scene”

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  2. Humans only have three things going for us in the MIB universe, and I feel like Jay portrays them perfectly.

    1) We tend to make creative solutions when our backs are to the wall
    2) No matter how hard we go down, somewhere we're gonna get back up
    3) We haven't accidentally killed ourselves off yet

  3. Plot hole : HOW DID THE DOOR GET KNOCKED OFF OF IT'S HINGES ? Also the recoil would have knocked in the door at a diagonal angle and yet the spikes are perfectly perpendicular. Also how did they conveniently grip the door on the way down ? If spikes can penetrate a metal door, then how did J survive being hit by them in the final battle ? This just looks like a lazy excuse to introduce the villain to the main characters without ending the story.

  4. I hate these documentaries. I want to see some fiction. Shoot, just take a good look any time congress is in session, and half the nasties in this documentary are sitting right there.

  5. i know it is shown that Boris dose not care for a lot but to have him pet the thing in his hand in a nice way of showing he dose have a heart for some things

  6. The special effects guys in the mib movies are awesome. Every movie the weapons get cooler mib international had the best guns of the franchise including the gun that can make a new grand canyon on the low setting.

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