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In a village in rural Guangdong province, Zhu Nengqing once struggled to put food on the table after his wife and daughter were diagnosed with serious medical issues that left the family with a mountain of hospital bills. Today, he is a certified chef serving Cantonese dishes at the farm-to-table restaurant Xueshan Linyuan Agritainment. Zhu talks about how the Guangdong government’s Cantonese Cuisine Chef Training Programme gave him a way out of poverty, the means to provide a better life for his loved ones, and new goals to pursue.

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Producer: Trishna Mahtani

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20 thoughts on “Mastering Cantonese cuisine led this father out of poverty”

  1. 😢 I just wanted to hug him when he started to cry. That is such a lot for anyone to try and go through and all at once. Many would have given up. But he used it to propel him and his family forward. What a story!

  2. The reporting doesn't explicitly mention it, only says various government subsidies, but I am pretty he is part of the poverty alleviation program, every sick and disabled member of his family has government benefit payment, and he was able to learn a skill and support the family. You have to work for it, but Western media will call it forced labor.

  3. Glad the government create opportunities for people who are willing to learn and improve themselves. So heart warming that he is having a much better life now. His endurance and hard work is all worth it.

  4. mother was sick, wife was sick, daughter was sick, all at the same time, I can't even imagine how terrible he must have felt. But he never give up. Really amazing son, husband and a father.

  5. So much respect for this men and his incredible straight and dedication. Always taking care of others. I wish life treat him well and give him all the credit and blessings the he deserves.

  6. How lonely he must have felt being the only adult male safeguarding everyone whilst he went to bed hungry. Whenever I think I’m going through hard times this story will be the source of inspiration.

  7. My dad became the principal owner of the 2nd largest Chinese restaurant in Massachusetts. He grew up in abject poverty in Guandong, China. Thus anything is possible f you have the will, the knowledge of the rules and regulations, and the drive

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