The variety of international food available in Malaysia is evident of the diversity of our society.
British, Portuguese, Arabic, American fast food, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Tex Mex food has been in this country for ever! In recently years a different kind of Chinese food entered our food scene, Spicy food from Sichuan and Hunan.
I lived and worked many years in China, I am used to the spicy cuisine from these places.
Most people are scared to try them because the dishes look extremely spicy. They are not as spicy as they look.

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9 thoughts on “Malaysian trying spicy Hunan Food | cold pork knuckle | perfect dumplings | spicy flavour bomb !”

  1. So confusing. I think it’s ok for Hanhue安徽people to cook Hunan 湖南style food. I love hunan food but I get turn off when they introduced it as Maos favorite.

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