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39 thoughts on “KOTD – Dumbfoundead vs Rone | #RapBattle (Full Battle)”

  1. crowd might be a little retarded, but it wasnt the best battle. bet people would like it more if the crowd had reactions

  2. "Only dude to get injured in fantasy football" this had me laughing so much for some reason lol…dumb always a comedian

  3. Dumb won easy." All these asian accents finally they leave me a Rone" "Hit a lick on a cracker like squid game" lol he was great. Definitely delivered some flops too though but overall he was more creative and funny.

  4. Rone lost his credibility when he started doing the lame Kung Fu bars..Dumbfounded is Korean, not Chinese or Japanese. Just like stupid racist ass Conceited

  5. ROFL… ok first off, crowd was sleeping. BUT, Rone fucking snapped and put in work. He was going for more the comedic angle being that he's going against Dumb, but I had him 2-1.

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