Wong Wok Chinese Restaurant is located at 749 Sumner Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts. (Don Treeger / The Republican)


17 thoughts on “Kitchen Clips: Inside the kitchen of Wong Wok Chinese Restaurant in Springfield”

  1. Many of the Chinese food in America that does not exist in China do exist in the Philippines (beef brocoli, chopsuey, egg rolls, Chowmien noodles cooked in American style, orange chicken….etc.)

  2. I’d like to see Gordon Ramsay do an episode of kitchen nightmares in these Asian kitchens.
    This place looks like it hasn’t had a good scrub down in a while.

  3. these legs that they have they are made of flour i was on to something online then something happened a m&m button appeared that mean they were bulling people about there new dishes i think we dont need to strink the peanut we should melt it and we should melt m&ms to make lucky charms chinese food

  4. how comes when ever we try and put peanuts in a dish they come out funny that makes sense they were good humour untill someone said to eat them maybe me a ultimate cultural women the queen

  5. chinese people need there chocolate and nuts in there food especaily m&ms it was called m&ms then when the m&ms found out that the chinese were cultural they wanted to come round and bully them i saw some come to the chinese restrant with microphones

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