What do you think about the future of New York’s Chinatown?

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49 thoughts on “Is This FOOD The Future of Chinatown NEW YORK?”

  1. You guys should come back home and do food reviews of the spots in Seattle. The classic spots and the new joints we have here. (ie. Honey Court etc. etc. 😛

  2. What I love about Chinatown is that Asians, blacks, whites, and hispanics all shop there! If they don't mind the Chinese characters, a lot of good deals in produce, meats, and seafood!

  3. Your recipe is perfect. Why don't you add your recipes on Khal page? It's the world's only cooking social media…. You will definitely get many followers, likes and sponsors.😃😃

  4. What a super video with a tremendous amount of dishes from some very interesting restaurants! I was a bit difficult to follow the dish description because you guys were moving quite fast. I look forward to visiting Chinatown, Manhattan very soon.

  5. Actually, what's funny is that people love to go to the local Japanese restaurants, and try speaking Japanese to the waitstaff. Yeah, umm, they're all from Fuzhou. It's like speaking Italian to the cooks at the local Italian place. Ermmm…they speak Spanish or Greek.

  6. They need to bring back real estate to a reasonable price so that people are paying for food and not rent. Clean up the crazy homeless problems in NYC, this past year, it's very sad to see Chinatown "shut down" by 8PM b/c people are scare to be roaming the streets of Chinatown when it gets dark.

  7. you couldn't release this video 2 weeks ago when i was literally staying at the hotel across the street?! 😑😑

  8. More Fung Bros food ahhhhhh!!! Ho sik!!!! Hen hao chi!!! Tai hao chi!!! Now gimmie some wonton soup knoodle!!! Wok chow, wok hay, chow wok, hai yah!!! ♡ =]

  9. I haven’t seen any of your videos in years. It just didn’t come up on my feed and I slowly forgot about you guys. 😔

  10. I don't mind some fusion and creative takes on classic Cantonese food but as long as I also have the option for traditional style too that's also good

  11. awesome bites! hope you get to checking out the Chinatown here in Toronto Ontario, we've got some great Asian spots scattered around our Chinatown area

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