32 thoughts on “Inspectors find 110 violations at China Buffet”

  1. I never liked Chinese buffet or Takeout except Panda Express. Why? Because their food like Orange chicken is dry and choking hazard. Turns out they re-fry their food from the next day. That's why I enjoy Panda Express but don't eat out often but treat as special occasion.

  2. We have one of those horrible places in my town & I am sure it looks the same .l would not go there even the doors look filthy so just imagine what it looks inside . No thank you.

  3. I hate to say I ate here a lot of times when I was younger… I can’t believe a stomach ache is the worse thing I experienced with the amount of filth in this place.

  4. I’m Japanese. I’m really shocked because the interior looked like Japanese room called washitsu, so many American people might mix Japanese and Chinese and we must be considered alike. I can understand why Chinese people are hated in American and European countries, even excluding the victims of COVID-19 from China…

  5. Chinese people…..DO NOT know how to make sushi!!!!! NOOOOOPE!!! Only in the USA! If you want sushi. Go to a Japanese restaurant.

  6. Went to this place today. Find wasn't very good. After we were done eating we went to the bathroom. It stunk like an outhouse and there was filth like I've never seen before. Poop on the door handle. Fricken gross! Something needs to be done. Employees are using this bathroom and then touching this when they are working! Simply nasty!

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