Marcus visits Alan Ji, a master chef of Chinese cuisine at Mott 32 in Vegas, and learns how he makes Peking Duck in a special oven he created just for the dish. Stream the full season of No Passport Required here:
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29 thoughts on “How One of Las Vegas’ Best Chinese Restaurants Does Peking Duck — No Passport Required”

  1. If ths is about peking duck, how come it doesn't show how it's made? The most important part in making peking duck is blowing air into the duck to separate the skin from meat to make the skin crispy. The skin on the duck is the star of the show.

  2. “We have the only restaurant With Peking Duck directly from oven to customer”
    Do you mean in the area? Because that is a claim right there… one I find incredibly hard to believe but amazing if true.

  3. 3:28 Chinese tourists Lol. When I visit other countries I want to eat their food, not mine.
    Let's face it, you can spin it however you want, but Chinese food is still cheap comfort food. I ain't paying $100 for a Peking duck, unless its wrapper is made of gold Lol

  4. The host has no clue about basic table etiquette (3:06). I cringed when I saw him reached for the communal food with his bare hand. Yes, the chef said to use your hands, but he was referring to the food that you put in your mouth, not communal food! Do you not see him pick up communal food with chopsticks (3:02)?! The host's personally is too aggressive. He needs to tone it down. His dress attire is awful. His scarf and pants are screaming loud, like himself. It fits his personality though!

  5. Just ate at Mott32 in Vegas. Food was terrible. My bill was outrageously expensive. I don’t mind paying for good food but this was just inedible.

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