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Junzi Kitchen, a fast-casual Chinese restaurant, has grown from its first storefront at Yale University to three stores in Manhattan, New York since 2015. Lucas Sin, the chef of Junzi, which means integrity, talks about how Chinese food deserves a role in the evolution of an ethnic cuisine renaissance in New York.

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29 thoughts on “Hong Kong chef brings contemporary Chinese food to America”

  1. Wow this cooking video looks brilliant. I like how it looks like and also I like the sound:) i am also a korean girl who likes cooking! Please come and look on my channel too!😍😍

  2. should have shown american our new fried chicken with pepper spray and tear gas, this guy is not from HK, he isnt wearing a mask…

  3. well, as least one "Hong Konger" of a younger generation is embracing his "Chinese (food) culture"……. one of the most ignorant and ridiculous comments I've heard so far from westerners was "Hong Kong people speak cantonese, they ain't Chinese"…… bizarre!!! they better reconsider to include "Hong Konger" or Cantonese as an ethnicity group in all government forms here in the UK…!!!

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