I spend a day exploring and eating in Chicago’s Chinatown. I first have coffee and a donut at From Here On Food Hall at the Old Post Office. Then I walk to Chinatown. Next, I have lunch at one of the most popular restaurants in the neighborhood, MingHin Cuisine. After that, I walk around and see some of the sites including the Chinatown Square Zodiac statues. Then I visit Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum to purchase egg tarts and a moon cake. Then I get a drink at Te’amo Boba Bar. Finally, I walk around the beautiful Ping Tom Memorial Park.

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17 thoughts on “Exploring and Eating in Chinatown, Chicago. Amazing Food and Attractions!”

  1. 1:38 Oh my gosh you brought back memories! I was a background actor for the Dark Knight back in 2010 and I spent much of my downtime in that hallway. Nice to know the building was renovated! Now I need to go back and check it out.

    Thanks a lot for your recommendations. Currently on a Chicago Chinatown YouTube binge as I plan to go there one day again!

  2. I love Paris Baguette so will go there on my next visit. I want to eat Minghin Restraunt last year we ate at Triple Crown was so good last visit didnt have much time to explore area last trip plan on really exploring next trip in Dec.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will visit it next time I hit town. I took a look at the location via google maps and what is wild is my Grand Mother used to live in walking distance, but we never went to China Town. I think it is because it was in an odd location relative to where she lived. Also, I think it was because by my house we had one of the best Chinese restaurants on the planet! Peace and Light .. Have a Great One ..

  4. Thank you .. I am from Chicago and I honestly do Not remember China town … @1:09 Let's see if you video jogs my memory! I will let you know at the end of the Vid

  5. Another great video James
    Good to see you back home in Chicago
    I didn’t make it to Chinatown when I was in Chicago but it’s on my list for my next visit

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