GOING TO CHINATOWN LONDON? THIS IS EVERYTHING you need to know about CHINATOWN LONDON and I will give you the BEST STREET FOOD suggestions that will save you tons of money when you’re visiting Chinatown in London! In this video I will give you the best advice from a local who lives in London and goes to Chinatown London every week! Street food restaurant, history, tips and insides, money saving tips and more!


Planing to go to Chinatown London?

In this video I’ll show you the history of Chinatown, London how can you get there, what can you see, things you can do, ofc show you where can you eat and give you some tips

1. History

2. Where is it? How to get to Chinatown?

3. What can you see in Chinatown?
– Chinese News Year

4. Things to do in Chinatown?

– Shopping
Enjoy local music
Go to the supermarkets

5. What to eat in Chinatown London?
– Bubble tea
– Dumplings
– Buns
– Baked goods
– Hot pot
– Noodles

6. Restaurants that we visit & really suggest you in Chinatown, London?

1. Bun House – THE BEST ONE for buns ! – https://bun.house
2. Jen Cafe – for cheap dumplings – https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d947286-Reviews-Jen_Cafe-London_England.html (they don’t have a website)
3. Golden Gate cake shop – for the taro cake – https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Bakery/Golden-Gate-Cake-Shop-101752183222512/
4. SeeWoo – supermarket – https://www.seewoo.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjww5r8BRB6EiwArcckCytPMbqPBUth2ifow-JVwsR-Vp4kxqh9guClvqkI-IWKuvmY0KgYCRoCWaYQAvD_BwE

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50 thoughts on “EVERYTHING you need to know about CHINATOWN LONDON + STREET FOOD”

  1. The Chinese characters on both sides of the memorial archway mean: prosperous China, the sun and the moon shine together, inherit the Millennium civilization, the world is peaceful, and the people of the world share peace and prosperity. 😊The design of the Dragon above is the design of the dragon in the Forbidden City, which was the palace where the ancient Chinese emperors worked and lived.. Therefore, this is a magnificent archway, representing the Chinese royal style ☺

  2. love from China…..In China, many young people, people in love, like to go to such places.. It always looks very prosperous, lively and full of life, in Changsha, Chengdu, Shanghai and Hong Kong….chinese love the food and atmosphere… If there were more Chinese here, it would be more lively and energetic. 😄

  3. Really enjoyed the little history about Chinatown but put off with the use of another person to eat the meat items. You purchased 4 baos but didn't know what was in them ? Really ? Did you just point and hope for the best ? Wouldn't it have been more ideal to order vegetarian items instead? Not a best representation of London Chinatown on YT

  4. Not sure if anyone mentioned about the buns, the Chinese character tells you whether it's beef/egg yolk/vegetables etc ..

  5. I have lived in London for over 15 years and go to China Town very often, but never seen a video so interesting about that place. Thank you so much for the work you put in. Keep it up!!

  6. I feel like if you don't eat paper stuck on the bottom of something when you go to China Town, you haven't had the true experience

  7. I love Chinatown! I did prefer it pre-gentrification, and it's a shame to see betting shops and the like appear. On the other hand, the restaurant toilets have improved 🤣. Much of the stuff you tried is relatively recent like bubble tea & specialist bun places, so aren't "classic" Chinatown to me, but to be fair they're good additions. I've been twice since March to New Loon Moon, stocking up on cooking goodies on Gerrard St, prefer that to the supermarket you mentioned, as it also has Korean, Japanese, Thai etc. Did you ever try Wan Kei restaurant, famous for it's cheapness and rudeness, though I think they play on that a lot these days ,"upstairs please!" They used to have great trolley dim sum at New World, sadly missed (derelict building on the corner) – though who would eat from a trolley now😷 I hope you've tried dim sum? Golden Dragon is my tip if not, proper old school, good value & great food. Their Portuguese baked seafood rice – yum 🥘 Avoid the buffets dude! They are the worst, I promise you, though I can understand budget issues. And one last thing – De Hems pub is cool, great Belgian beers there.

    Here's a tip for an area to try out – though obviously not now as it seems a really badly Covid affected area – Uxbridge Road, Ealing, from about the town hall on the Broadway all the way to West Ealing. So many great ethnic restaurants, especially Iranian (especially Boof, Molana & the "tourist" pick, Persian Palace), Afghani, Iraqi, Syrian (Abu Zaad) etc etc. Not known to many but really really cool area for food. Star & Anchor is a good pub too (when it's open), try the Weird Beard bottled beers, slightly expensive but cool local brew 🍻

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  9. I been there few times, and I only looking for buffets tho. Because you just paid one time and you can eat how many times you want 😂😂😋😋 wow, Thank you so much for mentioning me on your video❤️❤️ you’re amazing Vasi! Xx

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