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Hat Yai, Thailand (หาดใหญ่) – One of my favorite food cities in Thailand is Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่). It has an amazing mix of foods and cultures, from the best fried chicken in Thailand to amazing southern Thai food, to outstanding Thai Chinese food. Today we’re going on a Thai Chinese food tour of Hat Yai, where we’ll eat amazing dim sum for breakfast, legendary Thai Chinese food for lunch, and a huge pomfret at an old school Thai Chinese hot pot restaurant for dinner. Get ready to eat some outstanding Thai Chinese food in Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่). #HatYai #Thailand #ThaiFood #ChineseFood

Here are the places we ate in this food tour:

Chokdee Dim Sum (โชคดีแต่เตี้ยม) – This is one of the most famous restaurants in Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่) mainly for their dim sum and for their bak kut teh. I was pleasantly surprised by their dim sum and their massive selection. It’s for sure some of the best dim sum I’ve had in Thailand. Total price – 640 THB ($21.18)

Nairoo (ร้านในรู) – For lunch we went to Nairoo (ร้านในรู), a legendary Thai Chinese restaurant tucked into the back of a neighborhood behind the central market. Just from entering you can already tell it’s going to be an amazing meal. The restaurant serves a variety of southern Thai and Thai Chinese food. One of their most famous dishes is a deep fried pomfret served with a heaping amount of fried garlic on top. Don’t miss it!
Total price – 750 THB ($24.82)

Niyom Rot (ร้านอาหารนิยมรส) – But probably the highlight of this entire Thai Chinese food tour for me was Niyom Rot (ร้านอาหารนิยมรส), a restaurant that exclusively specializes in the best of the best pomfret made into a hot pot. You will not have fresher and better pomfret and steamboat hot pot. It’s a legendary restaurant, and very popular. Highly recommended. Total price – 2,150 THB ($71.14)

Again, I think Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่) is one of the best cities in Thailand for food. Be sure to check out my fried chicken tour here: https://youtu.be/lneXBB1Avm8

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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  1. Mark I want that shrimp dish oh my God they look so good and I'll die for that coconut shrimp I could taste it now and I prefer to eat it like that I see and not that boring orange sauce they always put on coconut shrimp I don't need that I want it to taste the way it should oh enjoy yourself kid

  2. It sounds so funny when you say going down the back alley to get my food it reminds me of an old 1930s Black and White movie when you hear the guy say'hello Butch. Just tell them Frankie sent you'.

  3. But the food looks fantastic and I have fallen in love with Thai food and Vietnamese food and Cambodian food all of them you can't get flavors like that or an experience like that in the good old USA 🤐🇺🇸

  4. The places that MARK AND HIS FAMILY GO IN THAILAND looks like a Utopia I seen WHY he chooses it as his HOMEBASE. When he could LIVE where he chooses.

  5. I am seeing your videos long time but i never saw that u don't like any dish once how on earth you like everything.. You should told when you don't like food

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