China is a vast country with diverse climates, customs, products, and practices. People living in different regions maintain a wide variety of diets.

Discovering Chinese Cuisine is an original CCTV series looking into the exciting and multifaceted art of Chinese cooking.

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21 thoughts on “Discovering Chinese cuisine Part 4 – Tofu”

  1. This video is great. Can anyone tell me please – what was the source of gypsum for the ancient alchemists (etc) and the current villagers? Why would the ancients have gypsum in the first place – what was the original purpose of gypsum, before thickening and setting tofu?

  2. Im pregnant right now, and id love to eat tofu. I have watched videos also here in youtube telling that tofu isnt good for health? Is that true???

  3. i'm going to China for a trip sometime next year. I have only one goal: eat. If by the time I come back and I haven't gained 15 pounds, I've clearly done something wrong.

  4. Here I will be able to have a yacht, but there is no authentic Chinese food,In China there is my favorite food, at any time on any day there,But did not give me the yacht,

    In China the yacht for me, No way!

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