This is the list of places in South Florida that were ordered shut last week by inspectors with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


30 thoughts on “Dirty Dining list includes Chinese restaurant near Miami's Brickell”

  1. Chinese people are the most dirty when comes to food,i don't care if you don't like it,go undercover inside any of their restaurants and you will puke your brains out.

  2. There's no excuse! I've worked in restaurants my entire childhood and again after my military career. I left the military and went right back to the food business and anyone that cares just a little bit can keep a kitchen SPOTLESS with a tiny bit of effort. Just no excuse for filth.
    I don't know how it works in Miami but there are towns and cities that will provide a list of restaurants that have an A+ rating. Some will provide a list of all places with a years history of ratings

  3. Note to self, if I ever visit Miami, which I probably won’t, do NOT eat at the little hole in the wall Chinese places. My god there’s so many of these spots on this series it’s insane

  4. You're less likely to die from eating at a dirty restaurant than from covid. It makes me laugh when people want to shut down restaurants that fail the health inspection, but during the pandemic, they are against lockdowns, wearing masks, and any other sanitary measures.
    How ironic!

  5. if people have to complain for them to discover these filthy disgusting places then just imagine the places that people dont complain about because they cant see whats going on in the back. what the state should do is have a restaurant tax that allows the state to have secret inspectors that pops in randomly several times per year and each violation is a 100 dollars. i

  6. toothpaste is that the special . These people are so demented , sorry they are . How can they deny it when it is solidly there in black and white print what has been found . These Health Inspectors do not make things up on a whim , they see with their own two eyes . If there aim is to attempt murder on the public then why be in the hospitality business and just as worse lack of training

  7. What's better MSG or some droppings adds flavors. Why always picking on the Asian and other Spanish people. So if you are 27 what's the big deal.

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