Popular Chinese restaurant shut down not once but twice in less than two years for rodents in the kitchen and it’s not the only thing inspectors found crawling around.

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35 thoughts on “Dirty Dining: Ho Ho Chinese Restaurant”

  1. It's not just Chinese restaurants. As a former pest controller, most of my restaurant accounts had pest problems. That's why they call us for help. Stop the judging. Also, start worrying about bedbugs in hotels. It's getting out of control, and very expensive to get them out of your house once you bring them home.

  2. My mom said not to trust Chinese restaraunts unless it was a proper dine in place. She herself was Asian and was still prejudice against these places.

  3. These people have always had filthy kitchens and food prep habits. They arer cooking for Americans and they do not care. Leave those filthy places alone because those places are all alike everywhere except the sitting areas where you eat.

  4. Reporter: You like 'fake' Chinese food? 
    Fat American guy: Yes, can you see how fat I am?

    Ho Ho probably also operates a illegal massage parlor staffed with hoe hoes that are fresh off the plane.

  5. There was a Chinese places that open up next to our suite on there first random state health inspection they got a yellow violation and they list what they were on the front window, having a list that says employee don’t wash hands and pest problem by the state and you can’t take it down or hide it because you’ll get fine made them use pest control. It’s seem they are mostly Chinese restaurants that have these pest problems

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