Learn how to make Chinese restaurant sweet and sour sauce! This recipe is super easy and quick and uses what you already have in your pantry. No special ingredients required!

What you’ll need:
1/2 cup white sugar (100g)
4 tsp cornstarch (or tapioca, arrowroot, etc.)
4 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp soy sauce
pinch salt
3/4 cup water (180ml)
2 drops red gel food coloring (I use Americolor)

Mix everything in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Once to a boil and thickened, remove from heat and serve. Makes about 1 cup of sauce. Use for dipping sauce, on top of fried rice or to make sweet and sour chicken or pork. Enjoy!

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46 thoughts on “Chinese Restaurant Style Red Sweet & Sour Sauce Recipe”

  1. Pei Wei restaurant here in East Tennessee does not serve sweet and sour sauce. Literally the ONLY Chinese restaurant I’ve ever heard
    of that doesn’t carry it. Everything else on their menu is pretty standard. They’re apparently out of the loop that sweet and sour sauce is a thing 😂

  2. Thank you for not using ketchup. And actually using red food coloring. Because I've done ketchup recipes before and it's NOT the same! And the sweet and sour sauce I'm used to is a bit translucent and can never found any recipe without the ketchup. I'm gonna try this one today!

  3. That is super easy… I love how at the end of the video dudes, like no orange juice, no pineapple juice, like really, lol, I'm literally here watching this video, cause I was just thinking, I wonder how pineapple juice is used to make sweet and sour sauce!!! Not Today Me, not today!
    I'll have to remember this though, this looks easy, and can really save some bucks! when craving Chinese food ! Awesome !

  4. I work in a chinese restaurant and I'm pretty sure they get the red color using tomato sauce, the rest of it is just sugar, vinegar and potato starch (no msg as far as I know), we let it cool down placing the big container on cold water and when it's cold a thin layer of solid sauce is formed at the top, so we use a strainer to take the clots off and we're good to go! I love dipping prawn crackers on it if I'm hungry

  5. Ok so I just made this and of course i didn’t have the red food coloring but it’s fine without it…looks and taste just like McDonald’s sweet n sour nugget sauce 🤣 I’ll never pay for an extra one again!

  6. Thank you! 👍🏾
    I just made it, YUMMY! 😋
    The only thing I did different was I added KETCHUP, because I didn't have food coloring. 🤷🏽‍♀️I had a bottle of sweet and sour I bought from.the store 🙄 trust me MINE TASTE 100% BETTER. I even added crushed red pepper. 😉 So, now I have a sweet & sour crushed red pepper 🐔 dip. 💖 It! 😍🤩😉

  7. Thumbs up for taste, and thumbs up for simplicity. I didn't have any red coloring, so it was an amber color with the soy sauce, but very tasty with some leftover chicken and rice.

  8. They forgot our sauce today for dinner. I was sad. I couldn’t see myself gnawing on an egg roll without any sweet and sour sauce. So I took the problem to YouTube.

    This was little too sweet for me, but with a touch more vinegar it was the same as anything I remember having from a restaurant. I’m picky too.

    Thanks! You saved my egg rolls!!

  9. i just bought a bottle of s&s sauce from the store. it's like a brownish color. tastes alright but just isn't the same type of flavor. i wonder if i can boil some of it up with some added sugar to get a sweeter flavor from it. i am going to fry some cream cheese wantons later and i want a good sauce to go with them.

  10. This is The “Best Recipe “ ever for this sauce!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I no longer buy I watch your video a zillion times it’s the perfect recipe!

  11. The best tutorial 😍 I'm tired of buying it at the store, it be nasty 🤢. I want mine to taste like the one I get at the restaurant. Thank you ☺️

  12. Mmmmm I just made this and it does taste very very close to what I’m use to. I’m trying to think of how I could give it just a bit more sour. That’s all it needs. It’s perfect!
    Add more vinegar maybe?😋👍👍
    Thank you for this recipe!

  13. I just made this recipe and it's great. However, when I added the soy sauce it affected the colour and made it brown. I didn't have any red food coloring though.
    It tasted great bu next time I'll add less sugar

  14. Made this sauce yesterday. It was a double batch. Moving forward, I will add more vinegar and less sugar. This is recipe is a good starting point and good just the same. Just changing to suit my flavor palette.

  15. I actually understand why ketchup is used and you would be wrong to say authentic makers don't use it as a shortcut. Watched a Chinese chef make it but instead stewed tomatoes and a few other veggies for the sweetness of the Tomato and other veggies which are strained out later. Ketchup is tomato salt and sugar, basically things already in sweet and sour sauce.

  16. I’m so happy to find this recipe! And there’s nothing odd in it that I don’t already have on hand. With the cost of food these days, I think I’ll be eating Lots of stir fried rice. With rice, an onion, garlic, a bit of ginger and an egg, I’ll have a filling meal. Thank you for posting this recipe! I need sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard to make this perfect! Yes, I ordered 2 pounds of hot mustard powder from Amazon. 😂

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