Coming up are some of the worst Chinese food scandals ever.
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28 thoughts on “Chinese Food Scandals That You Won't Believe”

  1. Living in China I'm very relief that those time has past, that criminals finally see that you must make a profit from your scam, rather than just scamming people.

  2. Xi jinping got dealt a badhand hes doing his best to crackdown on the ppl scamming their fellow chinese citizens with foul business practices i know he does bad decicions but think he has to govern the largest population in the world with deep corruption lingering from previous leaders as long he dont launch nukes nothing he does will disgust me when critizing world leaders stick to critizing what they do that affect your health. Youre right to have a oppinion but dont do a gools errand to change someones opinion it has to come naturally for ppl to to care to change a bad example a game like frostpunk might teach you if you were a leader sometimes you have to do decicions you might not like to do and its a big country for the moment its up to ppl that they educate themselves of tainted food and wait for officials catch up they might be busy in moment with endless restuarants and business poisioning the ppl its not the goverment its anti nationalist that scam

  3. Well, we can say that Chinese food producents are really good at recycling: according to those feeders, nothing goes wasted, on the contrary! Every stuff discarded is processed in very creative ways, and then eaten! At the same time, they hold at bay the expanding growth of the Chinese population. In this sense, they are even socially conscious, not greedy at all as the Vid implies…

  4. Oh my god. With things this blatantly disgusting and vile, it's no wonder the Coronavirus emanated from China. People be eating sewer oil and shit tofu??

    I'm glad I live in the United States, at least we're ranked in the top 5 of the highest food standards in the world. That makes me feel safer and at the very least, not afraid of eating every single meal.

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