Dumpling house is one of the top rated dumpling restaurants in Chinatown and Toronto. They make dumplings all day in the front of the restaurant for passing pedestrians to witness.

Dumplings and more is just off Spadina on Dundas. A local eatery to the students of OCAD when they crave a few dumplings. I got the fried beef dumplings. The presentation was similar to dumpling house with the pan fried crust attached at the top. It was satisfying again to rip through them and dig into my first dumpling. The meat was a bit clumped together. It made the juice inside burst out of the ends due to the pressure of my bite.
Unexpected but I was amused. Not quite as good as Dumpling house but if you don;t like a big crowd or the potential to wait for seats, then this is a good alternative.

Juicy Dumpling is by far the most cheap dumpling spot in Chinatown. Every time I go it’s busy. The price draws them in, but the quality of the dumplings makes you stay. Soup dumplings are more difficult to find in the city so this is a great place to scratch that itch if you love soup dumplings.

I love all three spots but I have to say my favourite is Dumpling House. While all our good, it’s fair to say Dumpling House earns it’s great rating in Toronto.

Dumping House – 328 Spadina Ave
Juicy Dumplings – 280 Spadina Ave
Dumplings and More – 442 Dundas St W

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