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Tu Do
Burger by Day
Curry House
Tada Chicken
Sol K
Grand Master 95
Fruit Vanity
Hawa Smoothies

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23 thoughts on “Cheap Hidden Food Gems in CHINATOWN New York! Pt. 15!”

  1. Heads up: New Tu Do very recently closed business. It’s crazy bc my sister said it was open just a few weeks back. My new go to Viet spot is Kitchen Co Ut on Chrystie St. It’s legit and run by a Viet family.

  2. What would be a good Asian style pizza for Baxter St. Pizza is one with Lap Cheun (Chinese red sausage). I had that years ago at a Shakey's Pizza place in Manila, Philippines.

  3. hello @fungbros. I am trying this spot now as of Oct 17th. I went there early so everything is made fresh and I got to tell you the fresh mango 🥭 tea from I'milky and the quality is really good and the customer service is amazingly good also I am going to burger by day next. but I really love it so far

    thank you for the recommendation

  4. I think it's fucking great that stuff from the homeland is coming here. There's always been a weird idea among Asian diaspora that Asian culture is perpetually stuck in xyz time period and "uncool" or "too old". Some think Asian culture still stuck in the 1800's or something and it can't move beyond that. Besides, if it's not Asian people bringing it over, it's going to be someone else.

  5. Are we really going to spread that story? Like has a historian actually gone and researched that yet? weird fucking thing cuz Alton Brown said it once in passing.

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