Today we are in the backroads of Mitchell County, NC to look at the famous Beam’s Chinese American Restaurant and Motor Lodge. This property has been abandoned since 2004, from opening in the 1930’s and was an extremely popular restaurant around this area in NC. I am still researching about the history of this place.

Thank you so much for watching and I appreciate your support. Filmed on a Canon g7Mark II.


26 thoughts on “Abandoned Beam's Chinese Restaurant and Motor Lodge in the Mountains of North Carolina”

  1. I live near here. There area lot of stories about it. Sadly, I wasn't alive to experience this place as it was apparently phenomenal back in the day. I've visited the ruin just out of sheer curiosity due to always driving by it. There is a lot of stuff there, and it moves around so I think there are a number of homeless living there. It's rather eerie and I wish there was more information and pictures from its heyday.

  2. This land is very much used by people. Hoarders, to be specific. I wouldnt of set foot without being armed. Also on a reddit post, some people claim they hear voices in distress and cant find the people. Read something a few years ago Beams had multiple chicken cages and had issues with salmonella and people reported the quality of life to the animals. The building does in fact have an underground area which i would assume housed the animals that they would slaughter

  3. My grandparents used to drive to Spruxe Pine from Johnson City, TN just to eat at Beam's. It was up for listing on the national register of historic places in 2004, but I suposse whoever owned it at that time objected. I was over there a few weeks ago and drive by. Sad to see an iconic landmark in such a condition.

  4. Good morning K.T🙂💙 this was quite the beaut but spooky looking place to be alone at.
    I'm glad you didn't go inside I'd hate you to get hurt and there was so much stuff everywhere.
    I'm the same I believe sometimes you just have to appreciate these places from the outside.
    The old petrol pump at the end was really cool.

    Looks like it's Definitely seen healthier days in its time I bet the food was amazing though..
    Much love my friend have a blessed weekend I hope whatever your doing your having a blast and having fun adventures.

  5. Just “found” this place today with a friend. We had some of the exact same comments and observations as you. Today however we found that the pond has gorgeous pink water lilies growing!

  6. This place was always a mystery, but an interesting one! We drove both from Asheville and from Blowing Rock just to go to this great destination Chinese restaurant in the "middle of nowhere" for years!

  7. I remember eating here when I was young. They had beautiful, large aquariums full of fish to watch while you ate. The food was amazing back in the day. And yes that wood has been stacked there a long time. lol

  8. That restaurant was said to be haunted years ago. I had friends that worked there in the mid-90s that had ghost stories to tell. I wouldn’t want to be alone in there now. The owners lived above the restaurant and sat in recliners watching tv in the waiting area. Their son-in-law was the amazing chef. Best Sweet and Sour Chicken ever! Still get a hankering for it all these years later. I remember there being a large decorative bottle collection on display. That may be what you can see through the window. Thanks for the video!

  9. I lived all my life at the top of the hill..they had the best food Ever went sleigh riding a lot in the winter as we called it the old road after they built a new one it once was a busy busy place shame it’s rubbed down now my father remodeled the outside of the restaurant great memories

  10. Just drove by Beam’s. That sign has held up for decades. I remember it being open as I drove by to see my best friend at Appalachain State University. People would park down the drive, it would be so full. Now the new road takes the traffic another way. I wasn’t posted No Trespassing but going inside the buildings would break the law. Thanks for spotlighting this treasure from the past. p.s- I’m not sure if those bushes are privet hedge or boxwood. Boxwood is used to make the most beautiful wreaths for Christmas and live well over 100 years. Most old farms here in Western North Carolina have a few boxwood still growing.

  11. I can remember eating here as a child. Was such an amazing place to eat. Remember as you walked through the front door there was a little old man or lady that sat there greeting everyone.

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