4 Chinese Style Recipe by Food Fusion #HappyCookingToyou #FoodFusion

00:00 4 Chinese style recipes

Written recipes:

00:13 Restaurant style Dragon chicken: https://bit.ly/3LbFisp
03:28 Restaurant style Chili chicken: https://bit.ly/3karbYq
06:25 Mongolian Chicken & fried rice: https://bit.ly/3EKBYSN
10:22 General Tso chicken: https://bit.ly/3ke4oLu

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20 thoughts on “4 Chinese Style Recipes By Food Fusion”

  1. Good recipes but not true Chinese recipes.
    Ketchup is rarely used in Chinese recipes. They use mixture of oyster sauce, chilli paste, soya sauce, vinegar, sesame oil to make gravy. Also for marination they use egg whites.

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