In this video we pop by Chinatown Complex Food Centre – One of the largest hawker centre in Singapore to do a $100 hawker food challenge! Joining me today was my buddy Ghib, who is a Japanese vlogger that’s based in Singapore. Invited him for this episode coz this is one of his favourite hawker centre in Singapore.

What we got:
Lian He Ben Ji Claypot – $15 Claypot Set
Ming Fa Bak Chor Mee – Signature BCM
Shi Xiang Satay – Satay (Pork, Mutton & Chicken)
Super Mommy – Carrot Cake (black and white)
168 Satay – Satay Beehoon
Number One Hundred – Signature Pork Chop Fried Rice
Nong May Thai Food – Stir Fried Vermicelli
Ann Ching Popiah – Popiah both fried and regular ones
Jia Ji Mei Shi – Yam Cake & Chee Chong Fun with Green Bean Dumpling
Old Master Roast Grill – Meat Platter (Duck, Charsiew & Roast Pork)

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34 thoughts on “$100 Chinatown Complex Food Challenge ft Ghib Oijsan! | LARGEST Hawker Centre in Singapore!”

  1. Woo Ji Cooked Food, Chinatown Food Centre Stall #02-056 Blue zone. Try them please if you haven't already. Opinion and thoughts and experiences. Apparently according to Gregory this stall had affordable laksa and hae mee options for $2,$3,$4 presumably for the elderly clients who eat a half portion of what normal sizes are. Check it out. Btw like Ojisan especially after he caught covid a month ago and is going back to Japan soon for a trip. Kudos to all you presenters I enjoyed it heaps. 12:07 Liked the originality of Sumimasen, the battery is about to die 12:08.

  2. so nice to see food host come together!! go hang out with Aiken/ Dr Leslie ( ieatishootipost)/all the food bloggers/or try home base food business

  3. Loved the way Ghib was always staring at the food and waiting patiently eagerly for Zermatt to prompt him to eat…Ha! ha! 🤣🤣 …Good collab guys! Keep it up👍

  4. I cannot believe you collab with Ghib. This guy is a half-japanese and half-singaporean. He served his NS in the army and I’m proud to say that he is a part of this country. I love this guy.

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