Trying 10 Chinese Convenience Food at home

1. Crayfish Porridge
2. Spicy Chicken Instant Noodle w Egg Soup
3. Rice Cake with Rose Brown Sugar
4. Pickled Long Bean Noodles
5. Bread Soup
6. Braised Beef Noodle
7. Korean Style Spicy Rice Cake
8. Golden Stock Shrimp Noodle
9. Garlic Grilled Fish
10. Cooling Dessert Milk Tea Grass Jelly


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  2. Trying the product in the indonesian minimarket, that name is alfamart/indomart. You can get the spicy noodle "pop mie gledek/dower" that's really tasty and spicy

  3. Don’t like cooking fish in the microwave. It stinks afterwards for ages. 😂😂 I have never seen self heating pots till I started watching you. Learn something new everyday. Lol

  4. That second item- the rice with rose petals- the product photo showed white rice with a sauce in a rectangular shape. How a completely different brown, round product is what you get is crazy.

  5. I wish we had access to those foods in America. Our convenience food stores are full of unhealthy salty snacks, too much sugar and NOTHING healthy at all..not even 1 package of noodles. I'm jealous!

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