Today I’m exploring two of Anhui’s most representative dishes: Hairy tofu 毛豆腐 and Stinky Mandarin Fish 臭鳜鱼。I hope today’s video reminds you to never judge a dish by it’s name!

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30 thoughts on “When in Anhui…. try the hairy tofu!! 毛豆腐”

  1. If you can try Hairy Tofu I would. 😋 I love it and have a restaurant about an hour away that serves it. Yummy stuff when it is fried and seasoned. Never judge a book by its cover as the saying goes.

  2. Northerh Anhui, the city of Suzhou is really an amazing part of Anhui province. This made me want to watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon again. Its now on Netflix.

  3. What a stunning place! The food looks absolutely delicious. It’s awesome seeing how adventurous you are ☺️ But I am curious, have you dealt with stomach issues or had any bad bouts of food poisoning during your travels? I was constantly sick for about a year when I first moved to Asia. But I think my body has finally adjusted 😂

  4. Can't believe how many episodes i watched today. Some day when you are back to Australia you should show us some local food. You really know good food

  5. Always a pleasure to watch your video to learn more about Chinese cuisine and culture. You're a brave woman trying those local dishes with funky smells Amy! Love it when you say "in your face" flavor. 😀 Thank you as always!

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