Today I’m exploring two of Anhui’s most representative dishes: Hairy tofu 毛豆腐 and Stinky Mandarin Fish 臭鳜鱼。I hope today’s video reminds you to never judge a dish by it’s name!

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30 thoughts on “When in Anhui…. try the hairy tofu!! 毛豆腐”

  1. If you can try Hairy Tofu I would. 😋 I love it and have a restaurant about an hour away that serves it. Yummy stuff when it is fried and seasoned. Never judge a book by its cover as the saying goes.

  2. What a stunning place! The food looks absolutely delicious. It’s awesome seeing how adventurous you are ☺️ But I am curious, have you dealt with stomach issues or had any bad bouts of food poisoning during your travels? I was constantly sick for about a year when I first moved to Asia. But I think my body has finally adjusted 😂

  3. Can't believe how many episodes i watched today. Some day when you are back to Australia you should show us some local food. You really know good food

  4. Always a pleasure to watch your video to learn more about Chinese cuisine and culture. You're a brave woman trying those local dishes with funky smells Amy! Love it when you say "in your face" flavor. 😀 Thank you as always!

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