China has a lot more than eight different cuisines, but these are the 8 traditional ones. In this video we’ll talk about Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, Shandong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui Cuisines. If you like the video, be sure to support the channel on my patreon page as well:

Sichuan Cuisine: 川菜 (Chuān cài)

Anhui Cuisine: 徽菜 (Huī cài)

Guangdong Cuisine: 粤菜 (Yuè cài)

Shandong Cuisine: 鲁菜 (Lǔ cài)

Jiangsu Cuisine: 苏菜 (Sū cài)

Zhejiang Cuisine: 浙菜 (Zhè cài)
Hunan Cuisine: 湘菜 (Xiāng cài)

Fujian Cuisine: 闽菜 (Mǐn cài)


12 thoughts on “The Eight Traditional Cuisines of China | 中国八大菜系”

  1. Indian here. After watching this, I must say that Chinese food is very similar to my cuisine in sense that both cuisines are made up of several sub-cuisines. Indian cuisine includes Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali (not Bangladeshi food, but rather the food of West Bengal- a Bengali speaking Indian state), Odia, Marathi, South Indian, and many more – probably way more cuisines than Chinese food consists of.

  2. I was born into Malaysia and I’m Fujian. And most of the ppl around me are also Fujian until I moved from the suburban areas to live in the city where most local Chinese are Cantonese (Guan Dong)
    Pretty accurate video for covering the eight Chinese cuisine. It is true that the Cantonese enjoy “wild” tastes which is called “野(pronounced “yeah”)味”. But most of my Cantonese friends who are younger do not have those tendencies. No dogs, bats, monkeys, hedgehogs or any wild animals. But toads are often used to brew soup or porridge which is said to cure malaria.

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