The 5000-seater West Lake Restaurant, in the city of Changsha in China, is the
biggest Chinese restaurant in the world. It has a staff of 1000 and serves no fewer than 150 ducks per day and 200 snakes per week.

Old traditions and new money come together in a vibrant and colorful exploration of modern China. Between mouth-watering and ‘exotic’ Chinese food and the motivational mottos
chanted by the staff, the series examines how China has been transformed over
the last few decades. It also poses the question: In this new affluent and
ambitious China, who is thriving and who is left behind?

Directed by Lawrence Elman & Weijun Chen

This video is legit!

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41 thoughts on “The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World⎜WHY STORIES⎜(Documentary)”

  1. But doing good deeds realised all these fishes n tortoises, end up being caught n eaten back by human
    ..why not realised them In the ocean..or make donations to the orphanage or build A school or set Up Bursary for low income families..

  2. This gives the audience a great insight into the life and culture of the Chinese people. These people work hard and honest in their living. It is not exactly the same as the West therefore we should understand and respect it.

  3. The Buddhist Way To Follow. This hotel does not practice ethical slaughtering of animals. Its pissing public. Fish should be quick freeze death b4 cooking., chicken should be ordered from frozen slaugther house, so chef are not forced to kill them therefore emotionally making them feel bad. Snake dish should not be serve, maybe change to frozen packed eel dish. Chef should not be force to slaughter food animals.

  4. Impressive how she built this restaurant and the quite liberal way she presents herself. Kissing her husband in public is for Chinese social norms exceptional.

  5. Well done, producers and everybody. I am an impatient person. Most movies or videos I watch a little and get bored. This one I watched from beginning to end.

  6. I was the cooperate chef of the biggest restaurant in China until 12 years ago. We did approx 8000 guesses a day lunch and dinner. I have 350 cooks on the flag ship store. It is 250000 sq. Ft.

  7. Who is thriving, and who is left behind?
    Thanks for filming and uploading!
    We are socialism country wih China characteristic, so now CCP is mitigating poverty after some takes the lead to get rich!
    A lot of works need to be done to improve grassroots life quality and basic rights!

    PS: 饮食文化在中国很注重,很盛行(自我感觉),现在还停留在后温饱时代。希望以后我们也想其他发达国家一样,更加注重其他方面(读者脑补)。

  8. Check out all the other high quality documentaries on our channel, and subscribe to support!
    THE WHY Foundation is a Danish NGO that produce and distribute documentary films about human rights and inequality. We believe that equal access to valid information, and an informed citizenry is the way to a more just world. Go to our website to learn more:

  9. poor people: work hard to get money, 
    government: print money to get easy money and let the poor people to even work harder hard is not enough these days!!!!

  10. General manager is an idiot. If you don't know why such a high turn over rate equates she is not engaged in the day to day operations. What a fool!

  11. As a Chinese, I have to say our food is going with philosophy from ancient time till now. Traditional Chinese medicine believe the food and the medicine are homologous. That is, different thing has its own specific function. That's why you can find many things even some poison from the doctor's prescription. But it has been existing for thousands years, I also believe it is useful.
    By the way, this video must be old. You can not find an employee with only pay RMB1000 per month. My hometown locates in countryside also, and the villagers can get RMB 4000 one month if they work in the town for the same jobs.
    Anyway, hope you can visit our country by yourself. You can have your own idea then instead of heard from others .
    Welcome to China!

  12. Mao Zhe Dong must be turning in his grave. Despite his communist revolution, the Chinese people of today are returning to the bourgeois joys of their cultural past. Hahahahahahahaha.

  13. The West Lake is absolutely momumental. Just imagine a football stadium of a restaurant… I also love how they touch on the personal lives of the workers outside the job. Truly humbling.

  14. Wow… so you chop up a never ending amount of animals for profit but you throw a handful back in the river to 'feel better about yourself'…. ridiculous.

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