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25 thoughts on “Michelin Guide STREET FOOD at the BEST Chinatown in the WORLD 🇹🇭”

  1. I would eat my fried doughnuts with powder sugar. Saw only 1 place in all of Chinatown [ from s video] that had some. Yummy. 1 would stay at a Chinatown hotel for 1/2 nights and soak it up. Such a yummy video from start to finish and made me hungry.

  2. ประเทศไทยสวยงาม แต่ต้องระวังตัวหน่อย โจรโขมยเยอะ ยาเสพติดกับขี้ยา เต็มบ้านเต็มเมือง

  3. Whoops, wrong channel. I was typing in your doppelgangers (Geo and Bart), but YouTube brought me here instead 🤔. Anyway I did enjoy accidentally watching the video, so subscription added 👍

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