Try the best BUNS in NY Chinatown! In this NYC Chinatown food tour we try wonton noodles at a classic restaurant and grab fluffy, juicy baos! Watch part 1 of What to Eat in Chinatown series:

A Day in Chinatown is a series where every episode features a main course, a dessert, and a snack to-go because you can never leave Chinatown empty handed! Noodles, soup dumplings, lunch, dinner…discover what to eat in Chinatown each mini-episode!

Chinatown restaurants we visited today include:
-Great NY Noodletown to grab your classic Cantonese dishes! From wonton noodle soup to roast duck this restaurant opened in 1981 is a classic Manhattan Chinatown spot!
-Mango Mango Dessert has a few locations in New York including Flushing and Brooklyn! There’s two locations in New Jersey too. Lots of classic desserts, hot and cold!
-Original Chinatown Factory is one of my favorite spots in Chinatown to grab Asian-inspired ice cream flavors! It is also one of Chinatown’s oldest businesses.
-Mei Lai Wah is a restaurant and bakery serving traditional Chinese buns and more! It is right across the street from Mango Mango and Ice Cream Factory!

Looking for food suggestions in New York? I put all my favorite Asian restaurants and places to eat on a foodie map and it’s free! Grab it here:

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