Giant dumplings and noodles – Chinese food tour in Greater Los Angeles!

SAN GABRIEL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – Welcome to San Gabriel Valley in the greater Los Angeles area. Today I’m going with my great friend Mike Chen (@Strictly Dumpling ) on a dumpling and noodles Chinese food tour. We’re starting off with some giant head sized dumplings that you have to eat with a straw!

Mike Chen:

Long Xing Ji Juicy Dumpling (140 W Valley Blvd Ste 211, San Gabriel, CA 91776, United States) – Total price – $80.28 – To begin this Chinese food tour in San Gabriel Valley we headed to Long Xing Ji Juicy Dumpling, a Shanghainese dumpling restaurant. Along with their regular soup dumplings, the main thing Mike and I came to eat was the massive crab dumplings. They are so big and filled with so much juice and broth that you have to suck them up with a straw. A great start to this food tour.

Lan Noodle (411 E Huntington Dr Suite 102, Arcadia, CA 91006, United States) – Next we went to Lan Noodle, a restaurant that specializes in Lanzhou beef noodles, which are one of the legendary noodles of China. We got a chance to see them as they were making hand pulled noodles, and we ordered a bunch of dishes. They also gave us a few extra dishes, which were delicious.

Luscious Dumplings (4XJJ+PP Monrovia, California, USA) – Finally to wrap up this dumplings and noodles Chinese food tour in LA we went to Luscious Dumplings, one of the best dumpling restaurants in greater Los Angeles. We met with the owner who served us a mix of some of their best dishes including classic dumplings and some new modern dumplings as well. Some of the best dumplings you’ll ever have.

And that completes this amazing dumplings and noodles tour! Thank you for watching!



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  2. 瞎吃,这么鲜美的蟹黄汤包里,倒入那么多辣椒醋,这个中国人应该是北方人而不是中国南方人,瞎指导

  3. Mike Chen is holding up Mark from that chili oil. I can really see Mark wanting to bite everything with load of that chili oil lol

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